Cruel Thing Tarot

Mazo de 78 naipes de Tarot, basados en el universo de la serie Cruel Thing. Publicado por Fournier.

78-cards Tarot deck, based upon the Cruel Thing universe. Released by Fournier.

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14 thoughts on “Cruel Thing Tarot

  1. le noir tarot , j´adore , j´t´ felicite ,tres hute impacte.
    …se dice que quien dibuja un tarot abre los secretos del inonciente…

  2. LUCIANO, muy buenos dibujos, yo estoy tratando de armar un guion… mirá me gustaria contactarme a ver si armamos algo en conjunto. Mi interes es por la magia, leyendas y fenomenos paranormales en argentina, lugares nos sobran.

  3. Hello, This new Tarot is very bold but I am writting because I am interested in the set you did a few years ago based on the comic book characters the Teen Titans. Is there any way I could still get a copy of that deck? Thank you if you could reply.

  4. I’ve got the deck just a few days ago – it is impressive, and I really liked minor arcana, this kind of abstraction leaves much space for thinking. The Moon, the Strength and the Judgment are my favorite majors.
    Thank you for the deck!

    1. Thanks a lot, I´m very glad you like it. I knew very little about Tarot when I did it so it has quite a few mistakes, I´m still learning about it.
      And thanks for reviewing it on your blog. I´m trying to translate it.

      1. It’s a wonderful deck, my boyfriend is getting it too, he likes the classic colours – black, red and white.
        If you’ll wait a little, I shall do the translation and make an English page in my blog – I am an English-Russian translator anyway. 🙂

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