Cruel Thing Volumen 2

Ya salió en España el segundo volumen de Cruel Thing, por Norma Editorial.


5 thoughts on “Cruel Thing Volumen 2

  1. Hello!

    Few days ago I have seen the first volume of Cruel Thing, it was hidding under a table (shame on the comics store! such art piece must be shown to everyone!) and I fall in love with it since this time haha~ 
    Spanish people are very lucky! They can already read the second part of the story, I wonder when it will be edit in France… I can’t wait anymore ><!
    Wah~ I wrote so many words, but shortly : I really love your works and also the scenari of Leandra! Really hope that one day you two will come in dedication in France! \o/
    And I have two little questions, I hope you will answer me ^^:
    – What are the tools used when you drew Cruel Thing? Is it made with traditional tools like inks? or partly (or entirely) with digital means?
    – When will be edit (in Spain) the third volume? \o/

    That’s all for the moment~
    Thank you a lot for reading my (long) comment!


    [PS: Sorry if I made english mistakes]

  2. Alo Piechoux

    Merci for the comments 🙂 , I´m glad you liked the book so much.
    In Cruel Thing I work with traditional pencil and ink for all the linework, and then I digitally add the blacks and reds, some effects and retouch, and the lettering.
    I´m finishing the third volume right now, so hopefully it will come out in Spain in a few months.
    Au revoir…

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