Sentinels es un comic de superhéroes serializado en cuatro volumenes de 216 páginas en blanco y negro.
Escrito y publicado en los Estados Unidos por Rich Bernatovech bajo el sello independiente Drumfish Productions.
Sentinels es la saga épica de un grupo de superhéroes de segunda generación, involucrados en el misterio de la desaparición de sus padres y predecesores.

Sitio oficial:

Sentinels is a superheroes comic serialized in four volumes, 216 pages black and white each.
Written and published in the United States by Rich Bernatovech under the independent imprint Drumfish Productions.
Sentinels is the epic saga of a group of second generation superheroes, involved in the mystery of their parents and predecesors’ vanishing.

Official website:

Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps

Sentinels Book 2: Masks

Sentinels Book 3: Echoes

Sentinels Book 4: Hope


One thought on “Sentinels

  1. YEAH!! You finally have a blog and posted a ton of art. It was truly a pleasure working with you on Sentinels. I can’t imagine anyone else drawing the book and it been an amazing journey creating together and watching your art grow through the years. Bravo! And thank you for all the hard work you did.

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