Sentinels Anthology

Concluida la serie Sentinels, se invitó a guionistas y dibujantes a contar sus versiones de los personajes en historias cortas de 10 páginas. Los autores originales, Rich Bernatovech y Luciano Vecchio, hicimos secuencias conectoras entre las historias.
Publicado en Estados Unidos por Drumfish Productions.

With the Sentinels series finished, writers and artists were invited to tell their versions of the characters in short 10 page stories. The original authors, Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio, did connecting sequences between those stories.
Published in the United States by Drumfish Productions.


2 thoughts on “Sentinels Anthology

  1. I’m so glad we were able to do something with the 3rd Gen Sentinels. And in color too! You did an amazing job on the art and on the story you wrote.

  2. Man i just love the thrid generation of kids!! What woudl it cost me if you were to do a pic of all of them for me?

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